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Tooth Extraction

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Tooth extraction, which is considered as a last resort in dentistry, is applied to teeth that cannot be recovered with restorative treatments or that are likely to damage other teeth and general oral structure (20, embedded). As we all know, the most recent teeth in our mouths are the third molar teeth. They usually start driving between the ages of 17 and 25. These teeth should be removed when they cause bleaching and when they begin to cause damage to other teeth. 20 dental shots can be taken with piezo-surgery devices in a short time without trauma. In this way, pain and swelling do not appear most of the time. These teeth can cause cavities, gum abscess (pericoronitis), pressure pain, cyst formation, as well as orthodontic or dental problems related to the need to withdraw may be caused by the drawbacks may occur.

How Should Adults Take Care Of Their Teeth?

When proper oral and dental care is applied, adults have extremely healthy teeth and happy smiles. Most of the dental diseases that occur during adulthood are caused by not being cared for in childhood and youth periods when the teeth are sufficient. For this reason, attention should be paid to the health of the mouth and teeth from the early ages. Of course, it’s not too late for anything. Even in later ages, the teeth can be recovered by the correct treatment methods or even if not the mother’s teeth can be made in close function to the teeth. For this reason, the Izmir emergency dentist, which has been serving for years and providing 100% satisfaction, provides professional support for all kinds of teeth and provides more healthy teeth. Before going to the question of how adults should take care of their teeth, it is better to look at the most common dental diseases in adulthood.

How To Protect Teeth In Adults?

The most common dental problem in adults is cavities. The plaque, tartar and food residues that remain on the teeth produce bacteria and cause tooth decay. Genetic factors, accidents also cause tooth loss. Of course, maintenance, continuous doctor check and cleaning of the teeth will prevent decay. Eating foods with starch and sugar should be reduced, snacks, acidic drinks, and sour foods should be avoided.

Regular brushing of teeth prevents dental diseases and ensures the emergence of healthy teeth. However, brushing techniques should be applied correctly. Brushing will be better than pressing and drawing circular movements. In addition, the use of soft bristle brush and less abrasive toothpaste is extremely important. Brushing regularly twice a day, floss and use mouthwash as can be done to be extremely useful for places where a toothbrush can’t reach.

What Can Be Done To Make Your Teeth Look White?

Brushing teeth to make them look white is very important. Brushing twice a day with a good quality toothbrush and less abrasive toothpaste will make the front surfaces of the teeth look white. Brushing at night will help clean your teeth all night long, clear your breath and make your chest comfortable. After a while, you will notice that your teeth whiten with regular and accurate brushing. However, stubborn stains remain on the front surface. On the back side, there is more blemishes and discoloration. The front and back surfaces of the upper and lower teeth are stained more than the front surfaces.

Smoking, malnutrition and not paying attention to dental cleanliness cause such problems to occur. Dental treatment in our clinic serving the best quality in the Izmir region, detailed teeth whitening is applied with specialist physicians, technological devices and professional procedures.

In cases of whiteness and cleaning on the inner surface of the teeth, the filling can be done, crowns can be coated and the person is uncomfortable with the most appropriate way of treatment can get rid of the appearance of the tooth. In all external disorders, maintenance, cleaning, and teeth about the aesthetics of Karsiyaka, where you can get service 24 hours a day-night dentist will offer smart solutions to all dental problems, and everything will be exactly as you want.

What Is Tooth Sensitivity?

Dental sensitivity is the general term used for dentin sensitivity or root sensitivity. If the hot, cold, sweet, sour or acidic food and drinks and cold weather conditions cause toothache, our teeth are sensitive. Tooth sensitivity is a common disorder today.

The cause of tooth sensitivity is due to the extraction of tooth roots in areas near the dentin tissue is formed as a result of the emergency. Gum recession is quite common. A tooth crown of the tooth root section is located in the protective outer layer such as mine do not have. Instead, it covers the roots of the cement which is a very soft and sensitive structure.

As a result of this loss, the dentin in the root of the tooth is exposed. If your child has a dental problem, he or she may be more likely to have dental problems if he or she has a history of dental disease.
Eating foods with a high acid content, such as pickles, can lead to tooth erosion and melting on the surface of the teeth and expose the dentine layer.

How Do We Understand Tooth Sensitivity?

It is important to inform your dentist about your sensitive teeth in terms of dental sensitivity. Your dentist will examine you to determine whether the problem is dentin sensitivity and recommends the most appropriate treatment. If your teeth are sensitive, brushing can become a pain for you, but if you don’t look at your teeth clean enough, it increases the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

The pain that is felt after hot, cold, sweet, sour or acidic food and drinks can also be a sign of deep tooth decay or tooth decay. In this case, your dentist will fill or apply another treatment.

Only a dentist can confirm that dentin is hypersensitive. When you have any dental problems, it is always better to consult your dentist to get advice. If you have excessive sensitivity to dentine, changing your daily oral care habits and eating habits will prevent dentine from becoming more exposed and help to alleviate your toothache.

Can I Prevent Tooth Sensitivity?

In the same way, tooth sensitivity can be prevented with a diet that does not contain too much acid. If you do not care about your sensitive teeth, you will be more likely to have different oral problems, especially if you do not brush your teeth due to pain, gum disease and tooth decay are very likely to occur.

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