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Teeth Whitening

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Permanent teeth whitening is a solution that is applied to brighten the teeth which have changed color for a variety of reasons. It is the process of removing the coloring formed in the dental structure (enamel and dentine layer). Healthy and white teeth are important for a beautiful smile.

However, structural disorders that occur during the appearance of teeth, antibiotics, nutrition, and fluoride might result in coloring in teeth. In addition, aging, old dentures, veneers, and dental fillings also affect the whiteness of teeth. Coffee, tea, cigarette, a beverage with a colorant, red wine, etc. with their colored organic and inorganic substances, darken the surface of teeth. Instead of porcelain veneer for colored teeth, permanent teeth whitening method called bleaching is applied and as a result, teeth are whitened up to eight or ten shades. There are different methods to whiten teeth. The first is professional whitening (office bleaching) with the help of a dentist, the other one is home bleaching that you can apply at home with the advice of your dentist.

Laser Teeth Whitening In Clinic

Professional teeth whitening in the clinic with the help of a dentist is applied as followed:
Bleaching medicine is placed with an expert dentist.
The laser ray is kept on the related teeth for a certain period of time.
Laser light does not whiten teeth. It only activates the chemical reaction that is needed for the whitening gel. (Laser is not processed in the teeth)
The process takes less than an hour and although it gives instant results, more sessions might be required for a whiter shade.
When the process is over, the result is immediately visible.

Permanent Teeth Whitening at Home

The dentist prepares thin rubber molds that can be inserted on the teeth.

The patient puts on the mold that is custom prepared for at least 6-8 hours in a day (preferably in sleep). This treatment method takes 1-4 weeks.

Even though both methods are effective, the choice depends on the coloring level, how quickly treatment is intended to be over, and the dentist’s opinion.

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