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Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

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Doctors of oral and maxillofacial surgery control disorders and injuries in soft tissues, developmental disorders and functional defects as a result of these disorders. These doctors are available in our hospital 24/7. In sudden issues, you can be checked by visiting Izmir Night Dentist or Izmir On-Call Dentist.  You can solve all kind of emergency dental problems with Izmir night dentist in our hospital.

What is Oral and Maxillofacial?

The mouth is the area that is between two cheeks and jaw. It is a space to get nutrition which also helps to breathe. The jaw is the name given to two parts that helps the functionality of the mouth, carries the teeth and is supported by bones or cartilage in the head of vertebrates.

Importance Of Oral Hygiene?

Oral hygiene is important for our health and teeth. Because the things we eat all day firstly grind in your mouth and then goes to the stomach. If the remains are not cleaned, you might hurt yourself. They might cause serious damage and may even require immediate medical attention.
A toothache may become unbearable and people start using hearsay methods to cope with the pain which eventually causes more harm. Painkillers or natural medications can never replace a dentist. And on such occasions, you should find a night dentist. Toothache might lead to losing all your teeth and you might end up using dentures.

How Is Dental Treatment Done?

When oral care is not done correctly, somethings might not be all right. Small or bigger dental decays may occur. When the damage is bigger, to be able to save the tooth, root canal treatment is done but if that doesn’t work, you end up losing your teeth. If the tooth is lost, it may remain empty or be replaced with an implant. The implant is a dental treatment method which is used to replace a lost tooth, with the identical look and functions by placing a fake tooth on to jaw bone, made up using a product that is suitable for the human body.

How is Wisdom Teeth Treatment Done?

What we call the wisdom teeth are the grinder teeth that are on the back of our jaw and begins to appear in our 20’s. These teeth cause many issues and pain. Our experts provide removal of wisdom teeth with a pain-free, surgical operation.

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