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A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed in the jaw bone instead of the lost tooth. These artificial tooth roots, made of titanium or zirconium, which are elements considered as part of the human body, fuse with the jaw bone and provide full stability. On these artificial roots, fixed dentures can be made without damaging neighboring teeth. As applied to one tooth, fixed partial denture patients who do not have any teeth in your mouth also allows applications to be made frequently applied nowadays Izmir implant dentists treatment. This treatment method applied all over the world is very reliable and in our clinic in Izmir Karşıyaka, it ends in a short period of time like 6 minutes. In this way, dental deficiencies are no longer solved. Implants provide a clearer speech and more comfortable chewing compared to conventional palate and dentures, while restoring your cheek and face structure to its natural state. In this way you can get rid of the digestive system discomforts that may be caused by the lack of chewing, as well as your personal confidence thanks to its natural, healthy and aesthetic appearance. Do I have a suitable candidate for implant treatment? Dental implant treatment to be applied primarily gum health should be good. Therefore, if you have gum problems, you should consult a periodontal specialist first. Gum problems can cause inflammation around the implant and can cause loss of the implant. In patients with bone loss, additional treatments, such as bone graft or sinus lift, may be required to perform the implant application.

These types of implants are not screwed into the jaw bone and therefore are not compressed. The prepared space is placed directly in the titanium implant. In this type of implant, the same logic is involved in the formation of the bone just as the space of a tooth is healed and filled with bone. They also have screwless options in their upper structures. The advantage of this is that in the future, patients experience screw loosening and therefore prosthesis play problem does not occur.

These types of implants are widely used around the world. Primary stability is achieved by screwing the Izmir Dental Implant Center to the jaw bone. In this way, bone fusion (osseointegration) is expected. When done according to the procedures, the success rate is very high all over the world and is applied successfully in our clinic.

Imported Implants

In our country, implant production has reached world standards and it responds to all the needs of doctors for dental implant construction. With each passing year, the sector is progressing with new brands and our country has started to export its manufactured implants to countries abroad. There are more advanced Turkish-made implants than many implant brands. It is successfully applied in our clinic.

What Is An Implant? How Is It Applied?

The implant is placed in the jaw bone and artificial roots are made to support the prostheses. These are screws made of titanium, which replace missing teeth, which can be used for longevity and life-long problems. These are placed into the jaw bone by dentists in sterile environments with a small surgical procedure. After this procedure, the implant is fully anchored to the jaw bone in approximately two to three months. After these stages, the implant replaces the root of a real tooth, the implant will be placed on the case to carry the prosthesis. In some cases, general anesthesia may be applied to patients. In order for the implant to be applied, the bone structure to support the implant must be first and gums must be healthy. If these are not present, additional bone surgery is performed with the implant and the success rate is very high.

The biggest advantage of implant application is the implant prosthesis. In other words, patients have fixed teeth that have almost the same characteristics instead of lost teeth. A good practice to replace lost teeth can often give better results than your own teeth. For many years, the use of implant teeth may be possible. However, in order to achieve these, the implant application must be made under appropriate conditions. Patients are able to care for them like their own teeth and can use them without any problems. In addition, the bone in the area where the tooth is extracted will dissolve over time as it does not function. The implant will be made after the shooting will decrease the bone melting and then will stop completely. Therefore, the protection of bone is an important advantage obtained by the patient thanks to the implant.

What Are The Types Of Implants?

Endosteal Implants: these are surgically placed in the jaw bone. Then, a second procedure is made with the healing of the gum tissue and the shape is shaped. In the final stage, artificial teeth, bridges or dentures are connected to the implant as groups. It is the most common form of implant used in practice.

Subperiosteal implants: these types consist of metal frames placed under the lower part of the gum tissue in the jaw bone. After the gum has healed, the metal framework becomes fixed to the jaw bone. Materials in the metal frame come out of the gums. Implants are installed here. The most commonly used endosteal screw types.

Can The Implant Be Used Comfortably In Everyone?

If there is a bone structure to implant the patients (if there is no bone, artificial bone can be formed) and if there is no systemic disease that prevents the healing of the wounds, the implant can be used as long as desired. Placed screws have a certain length and width. The jaw bone should be sufficiently wide to accommodate them. In other words, a successful implant application depends on the condition of the jaw bone. In addition, the gums must be healthy during the treatment and after the treatment. The implant application is not suitable for people whose bone development has not been completed. This is usually around 18 years old. It can be applied easily after this age.

Is There Any Pain In The Implant Application?

The implant treatment is completed without pain with the application of anesthesia. The pain that may occur after the application can be resolved with an appropriate painkiller medication. The pain that is felt in this treatment is the pain that occurs after a normal tooth extraction. After the implant is placed, healing is achieved within 1-3 months. In this process, patients are fitted with temporary dentures.

How Long Will Implant Treatment Be Completed?

The completion of the treatment depends on the patient’s condition and the content of the treatment. The operation is completed in half an hour or 1-2 hours. Depending on the bone structure of the patients and the condition of their teeth approximately 1-3 months after the permanent dentures are replaced and the treatment is completed.

Do You Need To Pay Attention To The Cleaning Of The Implant?

You need to give more importance to foreign substances inserted into your mouth than your own teeth. Implants are easy to clean and do not take much time. The most important factor for dental health and successful dental treatment in humans is the importance to be given to the cleaning of the mouth and teeth.Smoking should definitely be avoided.

How Is Permanent Prosthesis Placed On The Implant?

The placement of permanent dentures during implant treatment varies depending on the shape and characteristics of the implant. Permanent dentures are sometimes fixed with porcelain prostheses and the patient uses the prosthetic like his or her own teeth. Sometimes the patient wears and dislodges the palate prostheses can be applied.

Does The Implant Provide A Natural Look?

In order to give a natural image of the implant application in Izmir, porcelain teeth should be placed on the implant application. The use of porcelain teeth in the treatment of dental implants especially made to the front teeth will provide the natural nature. In addition, zirconium abautment and zirconium prostheses can be preferred for the front teeth. They give a more natural and aesthetic look. Less teeth, titanium-based abautments can be made with the prosthesis durability can be provided. Since molars are used for chewing and grinding of foods, titanium abutment prostheses seem more appropriate.

How Many Years Is The Lifetime Of The Implant Treatment?

The patient’s oral health and dental health and smoking will determine the life of the implant tooth. If dental health and dental health is not taken care of the implants will not last long. Implants placed in appropriate conditions serve for a long time. The patient’s bone ratio is evaluated and kept under constant control, which will prolong the life of the implant. They can be used for life when properly performed and well maintained. Factors that shorten the life of the implants, the right maintenance, gum disease and dental care are not taken care of such factors. Patients have the habit of using alcohol and cigarettes to like normal teeth, implants teeth, will lead to negativity.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Implant Treatment?

These treatments should be applied in a hygienic environment by specialist dental surgeons. The side effects of the implant application applied in bad conditions are inevitable. Patients may have other health problems. The implant treatments, which are not performed under appropriate conditions, decrease the resistance of the jaw bone. The purpose of the implant treatment should be to get the best results with minimal implant application. A large number of implant applications are done by the patient and increases the risk.

Is Implant Treatment Expensive?

The cost of this treatment is very important for patients. Even if the costs come more than at first glance, it can be seen that they have been used for many years and that they are not too costly in terms of their convenience. Problems can be experienced in advanced stages in the construction of normal porcelain. However, with the application of good care in the treatment of implants will be used for the lifetime of the teeth can be owned.

What Health Problems Can’t Be Applied To The Implant Treatment In Izmir?

Patients with diabetes are at the beginning of situations that will prevent implant treatment in Izmir. However, if these patients regularly check the implant treatment can be applied easily. In patients who do not have or do not have diabetes control, recovery times are prolonged. Therefore, patients need to be carefully checked. In patients with a history of excessive smoking, implant therapy may delay healing. This is why patients who want to be treated with Implants Should Quit smoking before treatment and should not smoke during the recovery period after treatment. In addition, patients with diseases affecting bones and drug use should start implant treatment under the supervision of the doctor.

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