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To complete missing teeth, implants are placed inside the jaw and are usually in the form of screws called artificial tooth roots. Implants are made of titanium because the jaw bone perceives titanium as part of the body. Titanium implants, which have a very high success rate due to high tissue compatibility, are a treatment method used for single missing teeth or missing all teeth. The implant can be placed without any effect on the Healthy Teeth is the most widely used dental treatment method today. Implant Izmir services can help you get your implant teeth that are not different from your real teeth.

What Is The USA made Implant?

Missing teeth can be very difficult both functional and aesthetically. The mouth and the jaw will be damaged and speech disorders will be experienced.

The implant will be one of the best solutions for people who have lost their teeth for whatever reason. The implant method to be applied without the support of neighboring teeth is a more healthy method than other bridge treatments. As implant Karsiyaka, we serve our patients at all hours of the day, and offer the best implant solutions with the latest technology devices and expert teams.

How Is The Implant Applied?

In the implant method performed in two different stages, a path that does not require advanced surgical intervention and can be handled with standard treatment method is followed. After local anesthesia, the gums are removed and the implant is placed in the bone for the implant according to the previously determined measures. The second stage is expected for a period of time and at the end of this period, the implant is placed on the implant that mimics the female is placed and the prosthesis is applied.

Who Is The Implant Made?

The implant is a dental treatment that is suitable for everyone. However, in general, the health condition is good, gums and jaw bone for the implant containing the appropriate bone, oral care is clean individuals with higher success rates. Bone loss is more convenient for patients who are not fit in the jaw structure and prior to the treatment of the implant, the mouth is made suitable for placing the implant.

Who Is Not An Implant?

Radiotherapy in the head and neck region which have been applied to individuals who have not completed bone growth and development in young people and people who smoke excessive, the implant treatment is not being applied. In addition, diabetes, high blood pressure, patients with heart disease can be difficult to implant application. However, this type of patients in coordination with general health experts when they participate in the dentist controls can be applied to the implant treatment.

The most popular and most satisfied dental clinic in Izmir, Izmir dental treatment center offers the best quality solutions for all kinds of dental problems. Dental implants are one of the most popular dental restorations in the world.

What Health Problems Can’t Be Applied To The Implant Treatment In Izmir?

Patients with diabetes are at the beginning of situations that will prevent implant treatment in Izmir. However, if these patients regularly check the implant treatment can be applied easily. In patients who do not have or do not have diabetes control, recovery times are prolonged. Therefore, patients need to be carefully checked. In patients with a history of excessive smoking, implant therapy may delay healing. This is why patients who want to be treated with Implants Should Quit smoking before treatment and should not smoke during the recovery period after treatment. In addition, patients with diseases affecting bones and drug use should start implant treatment under the supervision of the doctor.

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