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A dental filling is restorative material that is used to restore the function, integrity, and morphology of the missing tooth structure. Structural loss often occurs as a result of tooth decay or external trauma. Acids, nutrition, and bacteria from the harmful layer called dental plaque. Plaque sticks to the teeth and causes cavities and decay in the enamel. The decay can affect the outer and inner layer of the tooth. If not treated in time, decays can cause bigger issues and end you may end up losing your tooth.

Different methods and materials of filling can be used depending on the size and depths of cavity or decay on the tooth. Foremost, it is essential to clean the disrupted/decayed area on the tooth. No pain is felt during this procedure as it is operated under local anesthesia. With this procedure, the tooth is made ready for the dental filling. If the dental filling is applied without cleaning the tooth, it will continue to decay from inside. Therefore this procedure must be done with care. Following the cleaning process, the filling material is prepared by your dentist and applied to the restoration area. Filling materials are diversified according to the substance they contain. The most common substances used in filling are amalgam and composite. Other than these, glass ionomer cement and inlay/onlay or porcelain/ceramic are also popular choices. Dental filling treatment might be advised by your dentist depending on the size of the cavity, the location of decay or cavity, general well-being of the patient. Preparation of filling material by the dentist.

Things to Know About Dental Filling

A decay might be caused by different elements and as a result, the tooth loses its function and appearance. With the dental filling process, the tooth is restored both in function and appearance.

By filling cavities that bacterias can enter with quality filling material, the progression of the decay and tooth losses are prevented. The materials used for filling are usually a composite resin, porcelain, gold and amalgam alloys. For every dental problem you may face, Izmir night dentist serves you 24 hours by providing quality solutions to your dental problems to help you use your teeth healthy and happy for many years.

How to Choose the Best Filling Type

Since each patient’s dental structure is different, the filling material will also vary. The size of the tooth decay, the patient’s allergies, and filling costs had led to different types of filling materials. In our clinic, your need for filling type will be determined after a thorough examination and the best filling for your case will be applied.

Gold Fillings

Gold fillings prepared in a laboratory environment as per special request provide high protection against dental diseases and filling period covers an average of 20 years. Therefore, gold is an extremely high-quality dental filling material.  However, it is preferred by fewer people because of disadvantages such as high cost and long application term.

Amalgam Silver Fillings

These abrasion-resistant fillings are more economical than other options. As they don’t match teeth color, they are visible and not applied to foretooth.

Composite Resin Fillings

It is the most preferred filling material because it is the same color as the teeth and provides a natural tooth appearance. Izmir night dentist will help you prevent tooth loss with the best filling materials and best applications as your request.

Dental fillings are applied specifically for each patient. There is no general dental filling information or treatment. If there is a crack or partly damaged tooth, crown or veneers are also recommended methods for filling.

How is Dental Fillings Applied?

When experts decide that a filling is necessary, the first thing to do is removing the decayed tissue from the tooth. After removing the decayed tissue, the tooth surface is cleaned and dental filling is completed by filling the cavity with one of the filling materials listed above.

How Do I Know If I Need Dental Filling?

Regular dental checkups will help you know if you need a filling or not. Karsiyaka night dentist uses high-tech products to find out abrasion, decay, and losses in advance and help you get healthy teeth without a tooth loss.

In Which Conditions Tooth is Removed?

The majority of pain-related visits to our dentists are caused by decays. Our expert dentists determine whether the tooth has a chance to be saved or not. If there is a chance to save the tooth, root canal treatment or dental filling is applied and the patient returns home happily without a tooth loss. However, excessively decayed tooth or a tooth that has tooth abscess in spite of root canal treatment might be extracted. Teeth with inflamed gum, broken teeth that can’t be treated, a tooth that is stuck in the gum and can’t be removed, a tooth that appear crooked and are going to have orthodontic treatment might be extracted.

How Is Dental Fillings Done?

If dental care is not done properly, the teeth may decay in time. Decayed tooth causes pain which turns life into a nightmare. This is why a dentist should be visited when there is decay. When a patient visits our clinic because of tooth decay, our dentists decide if there is a chance to save the tooth and if filling can be done.
For the filling, first, the patient is sedated with local anesthesia and the decay is cleaned. If the decay is not cleaned properly, the tooth continues to decay inside. After the cleaning, a cavity appears in the tooth and is filled with filling material. The type of filling material is determined by the dentist depending on the patient’s health status and dental structure.

How Many Types of Filling Materials Are There?

Filling material is used in cleaned teeth. There are 3 types of filling materials. These are; amalgam, composite and porcelain. But the most commonly used filling material by dentists is composite filling. When choosing the filling material, the dentist looks upon deciding factors like the size and depth of the tooth, type of the tooth, metal allergy, chronic diseases and such.

Dental Fillings And Root Canal Treatment In Karsiyaka Dental Clinic

Teeth are one of the most important functional organs for a person. Teeth help us achieve a better appearance and in vital activities like eating and drinking. Therefore, it is distressing for everyone to lose their teeth. Extraction of a tooth is the last choice in dentistry. Before reaching the last choice, Karsiyaka Dental Clinic resorts to treatment methods like dental fillings and root canal treatment and our expert’s priority is to provide 100% patient satisfaction. Karsiyaka night dentists and assistant dentists serve for patients that need dental treatment for their pain. In addition, Bostanli Dental Clinic, where our headquarters is located, prioritize patient satisfaction and high-quality.

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