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The care you give to your dental and oral health not only helps you to have a beautiful appearance, but also helps you to prevent many future problems. As is known, our oral and dental health is directly groaning with our physical health. In order to have a beautiful dental structure that gives us confidence in our social life and allows us to smile without having to hide our mouth, we must review our habits and make the steps taken in oral care a part of our lives. When we encounter dental and oral health problems, we should take advantage of the necessary treatment methods before it is too late.

All dental problems have the ability to progress over time and threaten our overall health. In our center, which offers treatment possibilities in different areas and closely follows developing technology tools, you can find solutions to all dental problems easily. Dental implant treatment methods applied to The Lost and missing teeth can find a solution to the problem, you can regain the aesthetic structure closest to the natural appearance of your teeth. You can contact our doctors in our comfortable environment and choose practical solutions for your treatment. Our implant Karsiyaka and implant Bostanlı centers, which implement the dental treatment needs of Izmir people with reasonable price and fast treatment methods, act with the assurance of service in Turkey in izmir.

What Is Implant Therapy?

In short, dental implant treatment is a form of treatment applied for the removal of missing teeth. We are able to eliminate the deficiencies of your teeth with screw-type roots that we apply to the roots of lost and missing teeth. Thus, our patients can continue their lives without feeling the lack of teeth and they can easily chew their food.

How Long Does The Implant Treatment Last?

Tissue compatibility of implant roots applied to the jaw bone is important. To do this, the necessary tests should be done in advance. If the tissue alignment is determined, an implant Root will be applied to the patient for 20-30 minutes.

Is Implant Tooth Treatment Painful?

As a result of advanced anesthesia methods, we apply implant dental treatment to our patients without feeling painful.

How Many Types Of Implant Treatments Are There?

Implant treatment methods are divided into two as normal (screw) and screwless:
normal implant treatment: the implant root where the prosthetic teeth will be placed into the jaw bone to put the process called Screw implant treatment or normal implant treatment.  At the end of the process we apply an artificial root is created in our patients. In order to apply this procedure, the missing teeth must be present in the mouth of the patient. After a period of time, patients are ready for prosthesis teeth. This treatment method works successfully for most patients. This type of treatment is not available for patients may require additional surgical methods.
Non-screwed implant treatment: titanium implant material that is not screwed to the jaw bone is placed directly into the opening cavity. With this treatment, the risks of dislocation of the prosthesis or loosening the screws over time are eliminated.

Is Implant Dental Treatment Expensive?

Implant dental treatment methods are usually low cost. You can get detailed information by calling our Center for affordable treatment methods.

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