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Root Canal Treatment

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This treatment is very important for the recovery of the tooth and for the natural tooth to remain in the mouth. This treatment is quick and easy to complete with today’s possibilities. Most of the time, even drugs such as antibiotics are not needed. Root canal treatment is an intervention that is applied when nerves of the tooth are irreversibly inflamed. When treated with local anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain.

Root Canal

The root canal is the anatomical cavity in the root of the tooth. The pulp canals, which are part of the naturally occurring area inside the tooth, are composed of anatomical branches that can connect the root canals and canals.

The space inside the root canals is filled with a fairly vascularized, loose connective tissue called the dental artery. Pulp is the tissue that forms inside the dentine part of the tooth. The pulp also nourishes and moisturizes the tooth structure, making the tooth more durable and less fragile. In addition, the tooth pulp provides hot and cold sensing function.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

If you have a tooth that is infected or at risk of infection, the dentist will intervene by opening the pulp canal and cleaning the pulp inside the canal. After the cleaning process, the canal is filled with a special filling material. Finally, the treatment is completed after the proper filling process is performed on the tooth surface.

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