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Our Team Team Leader & Aesthetic Dentistry Dr. Soner Arikan

In 1996, he entered Ankara Science High School by entering the first 100 in Turkey. He graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Dentistry in 2004 and founded Cadde Dental Clinic in Izmir in 2010.
He worked in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry and medical aesthetic applications. He completed certification of world-renowned implant companies in the treatment of implant. He served more than 35,000 patients throughout his career. He’s married and has two children.

Orthodontics Prof. Dr. İbrahim Gelgor

Aegean Univercity 1997, Selcuk Univercity 2002 for doctora, Kirikkale Univercity 2008 for Assoc.Prof., Kirikkale Univercity 2013 for Prof.

Dentist, Pedodontist Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Tanriver

Between 2013 and 2017, he worked as an assistant professor in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry of the Faculty of Dentistry of the Faculty of Medicine. In 2017 he started working in the Dental Clinic of the Cadde dental health.

He entered Denizli Anatolian high school in 2000. In 2004 he graduated from Ege University Faculty of Dentistry. He has been working at the Cadde Dental since 2014.
Cosmetic dental treatments, zirconium prostheses, bonding, smile aesthetics, teeth whitening, implant overdentures, work in the fields.

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