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After the implants are placed, it takes a certain amount of time for them to fuse with the bone. If a surgical intervention is not performed at a very advanced level, the healing process varies between 1 month and 6 months depending on the person’s age, bone quality and physiological condition. Karsiyaka guard dentist provides care for every patient and provides healthy teeth as soon as possible. Because of the latest technology, treatment processes are easy and painless in the post-treatment period.

Is There A Lot Of Pain In The Treatment Of The Implant?

Local anesthesia is applied for painless implant treatment. Sometimes, sedation and general anesthesia may be applied on the patient’s preference or in medical situations deemed necessary. Pain relievers used after the operation are effective in not hearing pain. Dental implant treatment will be performed without any pain with professional applications, specialist doctors and the latest System devices. You will not feel any pain during and after the procedure, but at the end of the treatment you will use it like your real teeth without even feeling the presence of implants in your mouth.

What Is Implant Material?

Implants made from titanium and alloys are not affected by oral fluids and are manufactured based on the force of the mouth. Titanium implants, coated with special materials, are best suited to tissues and have the ability to improve in a short time. The implants that will fit without any difficulty in the mouth form the structures closest to the actual tooth structure.

Is The Implant Rejected By The Body?

For many years Izmir has been offering the best dental health services for Izmir, the night open dentists offer the best solution for every problem and ensures that you get rid of dental pain in the most effective way. In the treatment of implant that will be applied to the patient according to one-to-one, all the patient’s criteria are taken into account and dental treatment is applied smoothly. The implant method to be applied with special interest, expert supervision and technological devices at each stage will ensure a better quality and healthy dental structure. The dentist will provide you with accurate, professional and high quality services that will allow you to receive treatment methods that you will be satisfied with your teeth for long periods of time.

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