Prosthetic Tooth

Implants are a branch that aims to fill the spaces of oral tissues and missing teeth; restore the form, function, appearance and health of the mouth as a whole. It aims to provide oral rehabilitation in all functions such as cosmetic, aesthetic, phonetic and chewing. For this purpose, it offers solutions such as movable, fixed, partial prosthesis, full palate prosthesis, bridge, crowns according to the patient’s oral structure and treatment requirements.

Removable Dentures

They are the prostheses that the patients can attach and remove.

Partial Dentures

In order to remove multiple missing teeth, a brace such as a hook is supported by neighboring teeth and can be worn by the patient çıkarılabilecek dentures.

Total Dentures

In complete dental deficiencies, the mouth is placed in the regions of the palate, among the people called “palate” are movable dentures.

Precision Linked Prosthesis

They are moving dentures that are used in multiple teeth deficiency, which take their strength from porcelain crowns made on the natural teeth that remain in the mouth.

Fixed Dentures

The patient’s mouth is fixed on his or her own teeth or implants.


These are coatings made on one tooth and fixed to this tooth by shrinking the patient’s own tooth.


Dental Implants Are artificial teeth that are surgically placed into the jaw and cemented into the jaw.

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