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Dental Aesthetics Treatment is one of the issues that almost everyone has noticed recently. Aesthetic Dentist in İzmir since it is a very noticeable appearance for the opposite side of the smile and talking, everyone is very careful about the appearance of the aesthetic of the teeth. It is important to have a proper and healthy dental structure in order to smile and speak comfortably. It is important to have oral hygiene and dental structure to smile and talk without being embarrassed. If we have any shape and discoloration in our teeth, this prevents us from feeling comfortable and can lead to loss of confidence and stress when talking to someone.

If you are having problems with your teeth as an image, it is definitely advisable to consult a dentist who specializes in dental aesthetics to solve these problems. A dental implant is an artificial tooth that is surgically placed into the jaw and cemented into the back of the tooth. This is one of the most popular topics of the patients. Karsiyaka Izmir your treatment dental implants dental treatment and the emergency dentist can be examined by our doctors in our hospital in Izmir for the nights you can make an appointment by it. What Is Smile Design? Smile aesthetics, also called Smile Design is a dental treatment method. It is a special area where both medicine and beauty experts are applied together. This method, specially designed for the person’s facial structure, jaw and mouth structure, teeth appearance is designed in a natural and healthy way. The person’s face lines and teeth structure in accordance with the most natural way to smile and dental appearance is designed. In this way, a person can feel beautiful and healthy and at the same time, he has increased confidence and a comfortable smile.

How To Design A Smile? Before starting to design a smile, the person’s face lines should be examined first. Then, in the structure of teeth and teeth in the order of problems such as yellowing of the teeth, the most appropriate smile design is made for the person. During the design phase, one of the most important factors that doctors should pay attention to is gender. As is known, the presence of a different face line of women and men, jaw and mouth structure at the same time the structure of teeth in different ways because of the dentist to determine and apply a smile design according to him, gives better results. The first step in the design of smile whitening is to correct the order of teeth whitening structure after various stages such as the process of removing the damage occurring in the gums, the person has a more healthy and aesthetically pleasing structure of teeth. What Are The Advantages Of Smile Design? The person can laugh more easily thanks to the most appropriate smile design made to him. He can speak confidently and comfortably without closing his teeth and with the other person. In this way, the person’s self-confidence increases and psychological problems in the teeth where he feels comfortable and healthy appearance is now obtained. Aesthetic Dentistry Zirconium, laminated veneer, porcelain veneer, smile aesthetics, gluing, dental surgery, inlay, onlay filling, porcelain crown or bridge, zirconium porcelain veneer or bridge,

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Empress porcelain crowns or bridges are named under this group. Zirconium, Laminate Veneers: It is a kind of partial crown prosthesis made of aesthetic materials in order to restore the external surfaces of the teeth that are seen only outside the mouth. An abrasion of 0.5 mm is often sufficient for the tooth. By this means, a superior aesthetic will be achieved with minimum material loss on the front side of the tooth, and the natural structure of the other surfaces and the tooth-gingiva relationship will be preserved.

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The Golden Ratio is a geometric and numerical ratio relation, which is thought to give the most competent dimensions in terms of harmony, observed between the parts of a whole, in mathematics and art. It was first used by Egyptians and Greeks. The most famous mathematician of the Middle Ages, Leonardo Fibonacci of Italian origin, has found the gold ratio is also called Fibonacci numbers (Fi), this number is the same overlap in the universe. The proximity of a building or a work of art to the Golden ratio has also been recognized as a measure of its aesthetic beauty. Based on this, we build on the human body, mouth, jaw, teeth and gums, and we make it to the individual aesthetic and natural teeth we create.

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